Our Services

We provide a thorough list of companies in many areas that can help you with your business.

1) Claim

Claiming your business listing will allow you to make updates, which is the best method to start controlling it.

2) Add Listing

You can add listing at nearby.com.my to increase the exposure of your business.

3) Promote

Targeted clients that need your services must be marketed to. The ad will be displayed at the top of the homepage and all listings, making the exposure higher.


nearby.com.my can let you to listing, claim and promote your business.

The Add listing button is on the right side of the header. Just click and select the appropriate package to start filling in the relevant information.

When you see the listing is your business, click inside the page. The bar on the right side of that page will display the claim button. 

Contact our phone +60(11) 3380 0061. We will assist you soon.

We are only receive bank transfer.

The pricing plan is there in the add listing. Just click on add listing to view the pricing plan.